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Angels Watch Animal Shelter Inc


We are a 501c3 approved non-profit organization

The objective of Angels Watch, Inc., is to establish a multi-acre sanctuary and adoption center for unwanted, abandoned, abused, and homeless animals.

This environmentally green facility is a no-kill center which will care for and house each animal until they can be adopted. Angels Watch will create a database with other such facilities in order to be vigilant in insuring the safe placement of and care for these pitiful animals. By having this communication network, we will be able to do our part to rescue and give the necessary shelter and care to such animals.

Our commitment to protecting these canines and horses will be to educate people on the vulnerability of these animals to being abused, abandoned, etc.

Angels Watch's immediate short term goals are to build an all “green” facility which will house nine to twelve residents at a time. We will first concentrate on establishing the facility for canines and felines.

The shelter will allow each animal to have its own living quarters. Also included will be rooms for the initial observation of each incoming resident. This facility will be equipped with a treatment room, indoor exercise rooms, areas for grooming, and the necessary space for administration offices.


The long term goals for Angels Watch will be to include horses in the community. The facility for this vision will include a barn which will house eight to twelve horses.Also in this facility will be examination and treatment areas, a grooming center, exercise or rehabilitation areas, and the necessary acreage for the natural lifestyle for horses.

Angels Watch will be steadfast in doing our part to help eliminate the horrific stories we all hear concerning the abuse, abandonment, and euthanizing of animals. This will be our mission and we are fully committed to this project. Dedicated to accomplishing our mission, we are investing each and every day towards achieving the goals and vision of this facility and future facilities.

Angels Watch Animal Shelter Inc.
P.O. BOX 603

Phone: 215-704-9813

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